About Ausplay

Ausplay is an extensive nationwide population tracking survey organised and funded by Sport Australia. This survey has helped the government to strategise and grow sports participation.

  • Ausplay is one of the most extensive surveys ever conducted in Australia.
  • It makes the sports section to understand about sport and how to get better day by day in their participations.
  • This survey was the single source of the participation for government and sports sector.

We aim to prepare sports teams for any environment.

Key points:

  • The annual target of Ausplay is approximately 20000 adults and 3600 children’s.
  • It helps the section to improve them and also to understand about sport.
  • Ausplay will help them understand the child and parent relationship, which will impact sports.
  • It covers a wide range of topics like participation, child and parent relationship, and the activeness of Australians.

Ausplay: Impact of Covid-19

This ongoing pandemic has affected our lives in every way: health, the economy, education, and sports. While we were handling its blows, we left the sports scene with zero hopes and expectations. Afterwards, Ausplay came up with the idea of 12 months recall period for physical exercises. The effect on participation was noticeable in the long-term data.


It provides awareness that helps the sport grow more rapidly.

It is a database program that keeps all the records that informs about the investment of governments.

It Forms a connection between sport participation and other essential elements.


It is a hard time in the world today, but we do believe that this time shall pass too. And mutually, we will get through this challenging time.

Our aim right now is to support sports as much as possible. Although COVID-19 has shuttered the hope badly, together, we will be able to do anything.

The government of Australia provides funds every year, and TLC gives 25000 grants to support sport at every level.

The Australian government has taken the lead of sporting schools to increase the participation of children’s in sport. This initiative is taken for the betterment of children’s so they could seek new opportunities in life. This sporting schools program is provided free to not only children’s but to their families as well.

Our supporting schools not only provide fun to children’s but also help them learn and experience.

The Move IT AUS better ageing program aims to increase the physical fitness of old Australians above 60 and those who are not very active.

Our local sporting champions program benefits the coaches with financial assistance.

Womens’ leadership in sports makes sure that a woman receives targeted development from the start of the career till its fruition.

For any further query email your questions to


Career practitioner referral network:

We all need advice at every point of our lives, especially the little ones among us. They need guidance at every step and for their careers as well. Profession plays an essential role in one’s life.

CPRN provides career advice and guidance to Australian athletes.

Elite Athlete Education Network:

EAEN has collaborated with many educational institutes and universities to provide a high support system for Australian athletes.

It enables the athlete athletes to have access to the support services.

EVOLVE Work Placement Program:

This program is designed for elite athletes to explore professions that respect their interests of training and commitments.

“Initiative to inspire the future generation of Australia.”

For Athletes:

Evolve offers successful career pathways for Australia’s elite athletes. It also supports the well-being of athletes. Evolve is not limited to encouraging sports talent. It also prepares the elite athletes for the world they have to face in future.

For Employers:

As Evolve is industry-focused, it provides determined employers that think one step ahead.

Navigating the USA collegiate system:

Every year Australian athletes participate in colligative sport.

The navigating organisation has three main stages:


Strategic care

Smart guidance

Each step has its own rules and regulations.

It helps you to grow, groom and learn.


This program plays an essential role in training athletes, coaches, staff, and support member:

about the major issues that may include:



HP relations

Cultural issues

Become a respectful behaviour workshop presenter:

Get your hands on the opportunity of becoming a part of the workshop presenter. It offers a chance to athletes and staff to share their experience.

Becoming a presenter will provide you with an opportunity for

  • Networking
  • Professional skills


For attending and completing three days, the training presenter will receive $2000.

For delivering workshops, they will receive $500 per day.

They won’t pay any travelling expense related to the program. TLC will pay those expenses.

Elite Athletes University Scholarship:

To benefit the elite athlete’s TLC has offered some scholarships program across Australia. This step will not only help athletes but will uplift them and make them acknowledge new opportunities.