Health and well-being

TLC mentoring has collaborated with some networks for well-being because we believe that mental health for an athlete is indispensable as a whole.


“Health is a condition of complete harmony of the mind, body, and spirit.”

The Australian Institute Of Sport has organised a mental health referral network abbreviated as MHRN. It consists of many expert psychologists and clinicians that provide assessment, psychotherapeutic, and rehabilitation services. They also help to deal with the sufferings and mental illness.

The best part is that you don’t have to be an athlete to ask for advice from our expert coaches or community members. Our purpose is to guide you and contribute to your well-being exhaustively.


We all are suffering through something in our lives that we usually don’t share or tell, aren’t we? We keep them to ourselves, but that is affecting us physically as well as mentally. The thoughts we are holding inside us are killing us from inside.

Every year, every month, every week, every minute and every second, someone somewhere has taken his/her life. Even when you are reading this, someone would have committed suicide. It is not always the depression that leads to suicidal thoughts, and there is a lot more.

At TLC mentoring, we partnered with the lifeline community custodians who raise awareness about suicidal thoughts, illness, and sufferings.

Athletes can contribute by sharing their own stories, which will courage others to speak up and benefit the ones suffering from it.


They contributed to our institute to take good care of all those players that have shown their love, devotion, and enthusiasm for the sport.

This team does not only take care of the players but also advise them on the followings:

  • Career
  • Education
  • Personal Growth
  • Well Being


All concussions are serious. If you think you have a concussion:

  • Don’t try to hide it.
  • Report it to the authorities.
  • Take time off to recover.

A concussion can affect you at any sporting level; it won’t wait and see if you are a beginner or a professional.

The following institutes collectively worked to improve the health and safety of athletes that got injured during sport:

  • Australian Institute Of Sport
  • Australian Medical Association
  • Sports Medicine Australia


Intensive rehabilitations provide physical therapy of more than 15 hours per week by some physical therapists.

Injury makes a comeback stronger.

Our intensive rehabilitation provides physical therapy and training to the injured athlete to get back on track. They thoroughly treat them so that the athlete would be able to play again.


They are responsible for the excellent care of health to play better and work on their performances. They collect and store data of athletes through their own designed performance tests.


Established in October 2019. This initiative provides full support to female athletes for the better and best performances

It just not only benefits the female athletes, but it will raise awareness on

⮚ Periods

⮚ Medical conditions affecting female athletes

⮚ Breast health

⮚ Pregnancy and return to sport

This program involves knowledge of experts, opinion, and experience of an athlete, which provides solutions for health and well-being and better performances.



It is a centre that involves two or more sports and works for its excellence. It was established in 2013 and has dramatically developed today with high training facilities and a hardworking team that work for Athletes and this program. It delivers high-performance programs. Our combat centres include boxing, taekwondo, fencing, wrestling, and karate and Judo programs. It also provides services for Olympic combat sport.


⮚ International level boxing ring

⮚ Not one but two training boxing ring

⮚ Judo mats

⮚ International level wrestling mat

These facilities are open for commercial hire as well.


⮚ Boxing Australia

⮚ Judo Australia

⮚ Taekwondo Australia

⮚ Wrestling Australia.

⮚ Fencing Australia

⮚ Karate Federation of Australia


We are the part of European Training Centre (ETC). This training centre is the result of a partnership between the Australian and Italian government. While we invite national and international sports teams and individuals from Europe and numerous other countries to our centre, this facility is primarily for Australian Athletes.

Covid-19 and return of sport:

Covid-19 and Sports:

The COVID-19 epidemic struck in December 2019 and brought a global lockdown. Until now, hundreds and thousands of people tested positive, and many families have lost their loved ones. Like all other nations, it started to increase rapidly in Australia, which affected almost all outdoor activities. We can say that sport is one of the largest industries that the coronaviruses’ wide-spreading has harmed. Therefore, athletes are experiencing a sense of loss and resentment.

Now the situation is relatively better, so Australia planned to return to sport and bring people back to life with preventive measures.

The following are symptoms for COVID-19:

  • Cough
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • High fever
  • Pain in body
  • Lost of both taste and smell

Note: A person with any of these symptoms should consult a doctor. If you tested positive, please make sure you isolate yourself from others for at least 14 days.

Kit box:

Holding health as a priority of athletes, Sport Australia has made a return to the sport toolkit that includes all the suits and resources. A person of any sporting level can use it.

Preventive measures:

We take strict safety measures to protect the health of every individual. Any member, a player, a coach with any symptom should self-exclude from training and seek medical advice and treatment.

Safety measures include:

  1. Social distancing
  2. Wearing masks
  3. Sanitising your hand after every half an hour
  4. Drinking lots of warm water

It may sound tiring to have to work and play together with all the precautionary measures in place. Yet, it is always good to do something rather than to do nothing at all.