TLC Mentoring is an Australian sports institution that works for and governs a diverse set of sports in Australia. Founded by a triumvirate of societal, Olympic, and business leaders, in Melbourne, in 2009, we strive and excel in facilitating the latent athletic ability and talent of all we serve.

We believe in the qualities of Teamwork, Leadership, and Culture: significant aspects of any academic or professional environment. They, and a few others, hold keystone importance for setting up your goals and then actually achieved them. We have designed our programs to instil and integrate this ethos to aid students, corporate workers, or anyone else that joins us.

We will push you to reach podium success, but our training does not stop there, nor in the field, nor even in the gym. We aim to develop and bring out life skills vital outside the sports scene as it is inside it. So you, your loved ones, your colleagues, and co. can choose to dedicate Olympic-level discipline and strategy in any domain they choose to, whether it be for business or pleasure. Achieving Olympic-level success along the way and ensuring you reach your life goals and milestones.

We also ultimately aim for an egalitarian sports society, where your culture, race, gender, or any other beautiful form of identity and self-expression does not alter or affect your place in our world – and beyond. We, too, share the dream that one day nobody will be judged by their outward appearance and characteristics, but instead their inward merit and character.

If you have any comments, questions, and concerns regarding us or the sports industry in general, please feel free to ask us through our Twitter page or email.

TLC mentoring held a competition for the logo. In that event, they have received more than 500 designs, and the winner was Rose-Marie Derrico. The colours include red, white and blue, which are also the colours of the Australian Flag. One of the remarkable advantages of this institution is that they offer the scholarship to Athletes in 26 different sports: including, Hockey, Swimming, Basketball, Netball, Rowing, Volleyball, Water polo, Diving, Cricket, Squash, Softball, Beach volleyball, Cycling, Sailing, Track cycling, Golf, Shooting, Archery, Boxing and Wrestling.

If you, your loved ones, or any co-worker, boss, teacher, or anyone else you know are thinking about starting an athletic chapter of their lives thinking.


We intend integrity or the attribute of being honest to everyone and true to our moral principles.

We strive for equality or the policy providing equal opportunities and access to those whose life conditions typically prevent them from having.

We endeavour to innovate, or the act of exploring new and better facets or ways to mentor and coach our students and partners better and provide a smoother and more streamlined experience.

We aim for excellence or the quality of being quality, producing superior solutions, and not only being better than our competition but being as great as we can be.


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