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TLC Mentoring is an Australian sports agency ambitiously paving paths for all sports enthusiast. We intend to promote sports participation and excellence among Australians from a grass-root level right up to the zenith of top-tier competitions. We concern ourselves with the health of athletes, their career development, and community engagement. Determined to discover and inspire the inner champions of Australia, TLC polish their skill and discipline to perfection under experienced mentors while catering to their needs of professional training, world-class events and tours.

● TLC New Mentoring Program:

Women athletes have faced many challenges throughout history and yet managed to outshine in every field and have improved significantly in sports.
At TLC mentoring, we believe that both females and males should participate in sports and exercise activities because it will help them stay physically and mentally healthy. Therefore, we have specifically introduced our new mentoring program to support female athletes, which will benefit them in their career.

TLC New Mentoring Program
Health and well-being

Athlete's sound health is essential. TLC has taken steps for the betterment of both the physical and mental well-being of Athletes.


The prime purpose of this training programme is to keep Athletes fit not only physically but also mentally. In this training session, complete guidance, through webinars and direct presentations regarding physical and mental health, is provided. TLC focuses on preparing athletes both physically and mentally for the games.


For a healthy body and mind, a proper diet is mandatory. Especially for Athletes, a nutritious diet plays a vital role in their better performance. Athletes' diet differs from an ordinary person; therefore, TLC provides guidelines for a healthy diet necessary for an Athlete.

Youth participation:

Young people should come forward and actively take part in sports. Sports is an excellent way to keep oneself fit. TLC encourages people to take part in different sports and contribute to the sports world.

Career and Education

Career and Education

Along with health guidelines, we also do counselling of Athletes regarding their education and career. The importance of education is undeniable, so we make sure our Athletes get all the necessary guidelines required to polish their skills for a brighter future.

Grants and Funding

We know that the issue of an athlete's financial stability is a serious one. Therefore we have taken a significant step and collaborated with other agencies and gave them a sense of financial security.

Safe and exclusive sport

We provide safe and exclusive sports for Athletes and make sure that none of them suffers from any physical and mental injuries.

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